Software Pick: All Snap

March 3, 2008

If you’re like me, you get very anal about window placement in Windows.  Unlike OS X, there’s no good way to quickly glance at different windows with a feature like Expose, so like most people I generally try to lay my windows out to I can get every last bit of screen real estate taken up.

However, this constant rearranging of windows quickly becomes a chore in and of itself.  Enter All Snap.  All Snap is a tiny utility that runs in your system tray which makes windows “Stick” to each other.  When a window comes within range of another window, or the edge of the desktop, the two will click together like magnets, leaving you to go about your business.  The snapping feature even works while resizing, or with non traditional UI windows such as iTunes.  And seeing as this is a utility for minimalist perfectionists, there’s even a feature to competely hide the system tray icon.

All in all, All Snap is a very useful utility that I miss every time I use a computer that is unequipepd with it.  After onlly using it for a month it has already worked itself into my default set of applications.  It’s free, to go give it a try.


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