High in the Sky

March 8, 2008
Hey there blogshere, right now I’m currently in between College Station Texas, and Dallas Texas.  Oh, and by the way, I’m also about 12,000 feet in the air, or however high planes fly.  I was planning on trying to do another handwriting entry, but unfortunately the plane’s having a bit of turbulents.  I don’t want you guys to suffer through my shaky handwriting.

Speaking of suffering through shaky things, I decided to try out iTunes new movie rental service.  I’m a huge fan of the Bourne series, but currently do not own the third film, The Bourne Ultimatum.  Unfortunately, it seems that no one decided to tell me that iTunes has a minimum system requirement for video playback.

I’m sorry, but I did not assume that a 1.2 Pentium M with 32mb of video memory would have trouble with choppy video.  I’ve always heard Windows users complaining about iTunes being a memory hog, but it seems that this is the case in point.

Luckily, I’ve already seen The Bourne Ultimatum, and the film’s already very very shaky, so the skipping frames aren’t too bad.  Watching a film also does wonders for nervous fliers like me.  I’ll see if I can’t get this article published in Dallas.  If I do, then expect another one when I reach DC.

Man, typing is so good for shot nerves…

EDIT: Wow, now the plane’s shaking, the film’s shaking, and the movie’s skipping, talk about a cinematic experience.

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