Second Leg of the Trip

March 8, 2008
I’m afraid that I wasn’t able to find any free wifi hotspots in Dallas, so you’ll be reading both these posts back to back.  The good news is, I was able to get on a flight two hours earlier than mine, so I might be able to get to bed at a decent hour tonight after all.

Unfortunately, the moved up timetable didn’t give me much time to recharge my laptop’s battery.  Dallas’ airport is nice, shiny, and new looking, but offers almost no power outlets.  Luckily my laptop’s has about an hour’s charge on it, so at least I get to use it part of the time.

Normally I would say that I’m “Lucky” to be on a flight with in flight entertainment, but unfortunately what they’re playing on my flight could hardly be called “Entertainment”.  Instead of the normal movie, I’ve got an In Flight “Commercial”.  No joke, they’ve just been playing commercials for half the flight.  We’ve seen a commercial for Scene It, CSI, and 60 Minutes so far.  Sigh…  Man I hate the entertainment industry…


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  1. heheehe have u tried wifi at borders?

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